Outreach & Education

On this page you can find short appetisers for public talks or outreach events within different themes of climate change, conservation, citizen science and sustainable adventure travels that can be booked with Wilderness Inspire.



We offer services on:

  • Research for strategy and content development for outreach on climate mitigation and sustainable development of natural resources
  • Talks about fieldwork in Africa and the Arctic on topics within climate and conservation research.
  • Workshop or presentations of travelling options to ecotourism destinations or conservation projects from the Arctic and tropical areas.
  • Project ideas on production of TV documentary programs within nature conservation, climate or animal behaviour.

Presentations and workshops will be carried out by Astrid Schmidt and can be performed in both Danish and English. All products are developed to fit the specific audience, whether it is a scientific panel, private company, travel enthusiasts, high school students, pupils or general public. Prices will depend on the  event type and location.


Presentation teasers:

Fieldwork “on top of the world” in the northernmost regions of Greenland.
NEEM deep ice core drilling project. Photo by Astrid Schmidt.

NEEM deep ice core drilling project. Photo by Astrid Schmidt.

Ice Core Genetics and permafrost studies uncovers the past climate and biodiversity of Greenland by combining cross-disciplinary efforts from biology, geology, glaciology and physics.

Adventurous fieldwork in the most remote areas of Greenland provided unique sample material for studies in ancient DNA, dating, fossils and climate models. Joint efforts across scientific fields and nations provided results that when combined revealed new information about the past ecosystems of Greenland and timing of when the great ice sheet settled.

This presentation will be about the once forested Greenland and how the evidence was retrieved from areas as remote as the bottom of the ice sheet and the northernmost areas of Greenland.



The mystery of African Savannah and Forest elephants and the challenge from Ivory Trade
Elephant herd, Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda. Photo by Astrid Schmidt

Elephant herd, Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda. Photo by Astrid Schmidt

What is the difference between elephants and how can they be studied? Stories about fieldwork experiences in western Uganda where the surprisingly greatest challenge was to find the large animals… and their remains of dung, which was the target sample material. DNA can be extracted from these “freshly produced” samples and the aim of the fieldwork was to study if hybridisation between savannah and forest elephants occur. Poaching for ivory is a great challenge to populations of both savannah and forest elephants in Africa where especially the forest elephants are difficult to protect in the central African regions. This talk will be about, how the African elephants differ and why it is so challenging to combat the poaching for ivory?



Adventure and personal development while pursuing an academic career
Astrid taking DNA samples lok. 12071605 KK

Astrid taking DNA samples in Northern Greenland. Photo, Svend Funder

My journey through academia has been an exciting line of both personal and professional development with many extraordinary opportunities of adventure on the way. This is a presentation about how one can follow coincidences, interests and friendships that can motivate for a long academic education and career options within science. Especially if it was never something that had been thought of as an opportunity.