Climate changes are occurring all around the world, affecting the natural areas as well as human societies. Within this theme we gather current news and topics in scientific articles, fieldwork or interviews to share about climate changes and biodiversity. Obtaining knowledge on how biodiversity has previously responded can provide ideas on how societies best provide solutions to mitigate climate change effects on the environment. Several research fields are studying the impacts of climatic changes on biodiversity on both past and present time scales. Become inspired here on new findings and ways to explore and protect our nature and climate.


We offer services within Project Management & Facilitation:

  • Project ideas and management of cross-disciplinary projects on mitigating climate effects and nature conservation.
  • Project ideas and counselling on Citizen Science & Travel combinations.
  • Counselling on or development of outreach, education or lecture material on topics within climate and conservation research.


GreenlandDrillMapAncient forests and climate in Greenland revealed by inter-disciplinary studies between geosciences and biosciences

The accelerated melting of glaciers along the margin of the Greenland ice sheet, has made scientists ponder how Greenland would look without ice. One way of answering this question is to look at biological remnants from the ecosystem that existed before the ice sheet was formed.

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