Animal Connection

In this theme we will inspire you on subjects within animal behavior and animal-human relations in both wildlife and with domesticated species. You will be able to find fascinating projects to visit and perspectives on new sustainable ways to explore and interact with wildlife. Overall we want to share the fascination of the nature surrounding us and encourage you to new sustainable adventures and encounters with nature in the company of animals.

Cave Painting, Nevada, USA © 2014 Pixabay

Cave Painting, Nevada, USA © 2014 Pixabay


Human – Animal Connection

Human populations have relied on animals since ancient times. Indigenous people and ancient traditions had a spiritual approach to communicate and honour the prey they hunted and lived from. Later on animals were tamed and the spiritual contact lost in the modern societies we know today. Instead we have replaced it by a more nature-distant consumer – and owner mentality. On the other hand we still live close with pets and consider them as part of the human family, often misunderstanding their animal behavioural traits and needs. Today more people have become interested in obtaining a more balanced relation, whether it is with pet animals or with the wildlife surrounding us.


Explore Nature with Animals

One way of approaching a closer relation is by studying the ways animals communicate with each other and adopting some of these methods in the human-animal communication. Often these “inter-species” communication methods involve a spiritual aspect, like for instance intuitive interpretations of signals. Another popular approach of studying animal behavior and communication is from the coaching or psychotherapy science. Here animals are used to teach people about their body signals and integrity issues to become more clear in communicating their goals or intentions.

For more inspiration on animal behaviour, communication and conservation, look into below subjects. Each subject contains information and suggestions of places to go to experience nature through a connection between people and animals:



Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, Sled dogs. Photo by Henning Thing

Dogs and humans have been found to co-exist since more than 25,000 years ago, long before agricultural societies developed. Dogsledding has been a prerequisite for transport in polar environments and still is in rural communities in Alaska, Northern Canada and Greenland.

If you are keen on learning more about where you can get your own travel experiences with sled dogs in stunning nature surroundings, check out below link.



Horses have served as loyal companions and servants to humans and have been shaped by us. However, horses have also shaped the lives of humans inspiring us with their sense of spirit, freedom and company.

Below we present you with options of where you can get your own experiences with horses in the wilderness of nature.





Wild animals ways of communication inspire us, from howling wolves, singing birds, deep infrasonic elephant signals and marine mammal acoustics below water. Many more examples exist but all of them are keys of fascination for the variety of communication patterns that exist.

Below we present you with options of where you can get your own experiences with connecting to wildlife or to become inspired by conservation projects working on creating sustainable interactions between humans and wildlife.