Greenland sled dogs, Kangerlussuaq. Photo by Henning Thing

Greenland sled dogs, Kangerlussuaq. Photo by Henning Thing

The Arctic regions offers spectacular nature and culture experiences. Depending on what time of year you travel the impressions can be completely different with the great change in light between summer and winter time, or whether you explore from the sea or across the land.

The Arctic offers unique experiences with its marine and terrestrial wildlife, flora, icebergs, mountains and great plains and  you can discover the wilderness by hiking, skiing, driving dogsledge or otherwise travel on land to visit the different regions – get inspired by below travel options.


Wilderness Inspire has in collaboration with Arctic Friend developed this Arctic adventure. We invite you to explore Greenland as a citizen scientist on a journey where you will get unique nature experiences in combination with a deepened understanding of the climate and wildlife of Greenland.

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Humpback whale in the sunset

12 Days Climate Explorer

Below you find excellent opportunities for other natural experiences of the Arctic environments of Greenland. 

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Iceland’s highlands and countryside calls for being explored in the exquisite company of men and horses. Iceland is famous for their high standard of sustainable tourism operations with a high quality and variety of travel forms depending on ones time, skills and temper to explore the nature of Iceland.


Read more on sustainable travelling options  below.


Elding Adventures at Sea

 Arctic Adventures

Inspiration Iceland



Svalbard offers adventures in the wilderness of the high Arctic nature in a remote island with vast opportunities for encounters with wildlife on both land and sea. The area is well known for its population of polar bears but much more can be studied and explored in this unique location.

Sustainable ecotourism opportunities with a specific focus on conservation of natural resources as well as environmentally conscious behaviour is possible on Svalbard.


Look below for suggestions on sustainable travelling:

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