Adventure & Ecotourism


Adventure, conservation and ecotourism are subjects that go well together. Travelling and exploring new places and cultures are deeply enriching and can be beneficial for both the travellers’ and the area that is being visited. It is a way to contribute to the world around us and become engaged in different cultures and natural areas. In this theme we want to captivate you through presenting exciting conservation and ecotourism projects around the world that benefit the local communities and natural area. Places you can connect to by experiencing the rich variety of life within different cultures, nature and wildlife.

Above all we wish to provide you with different travelling options that will increase your appetite on adventures you hadn’t thought about previously.

We offer services within:

  • Travelling counselling within ecotourism, conservation tourism or adventure tourism.
  • Project ideas and counselling on Citizen Science & Travel combinations
  • Counselling on travelling options to ecotourism destinations or conservation projects from the Arctic and tropical areas