About Wilderness Inspire

Wilderness Inspire is founded by climate biologist Astrid M. Z. Bonde, PhD (Previously Schmidt), based on a desire to link a background within conservation and climate research with a passion for adventure, outreach and conscious travelling.

Astrid Schmidt, Climate Biologist

Travelling and experiencing wildlife and nature first hand stirred my motivation to pursue a scientific career within conservation and climate research. This fascination of the natural world has given me a keen interest in nature and wilderness in general, which led to my first travelling experience through Africa in the late 1990’s.

I believe that our ability to become involved and gain new knowledge is evolved through inspiration, curiosity and fascination of the world that surrounds us. To learn, we need to be feeling but also to experience what is attractive to us. By doing so we can find our own way of contributing and getting involved in areas that are of our interest

The motivation behind Wilderness Inspire is to share the fascination of wilderness through various themes within adventure travels, climate and biodiversity research and conservation. All of these themes are explored through articles, outreach and travelling ideas and will hopefully inspire you to explore wilderness either through reading, talks or travelling.


wilderness inspire


Wilderness Inspire, is currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark and can be contacted here.